Stuart Knight offers a wide variety of high impact keynotes and workshops. He will always customize each presentation to meet your needs to ensure your audience is entertained and walks away with tools they can immediately use to become more successful in business.

Four Conversations for Success

Anyone can talk business. When was the last time you talked life? How do you feel when the guy behind the counter remembers your name? Why do people work hard for some managers and not others? Do your clients look forward to seeing you? What do you know about your customers that your competition doesn’t? Do you see them? They’re everywhere. That’s right, they are called people and if you don’t really know them, you’re just another company trying to survive.

(Also offered as a workshop)

The Choice – 5 Decisions All Winners Make

Do you know why some companies are more successful than others? Here’s a hint. It has nothing to do with their people waking up earlier, working harder or having prestigious degrees. They simply make five decisions every single day. Do you know what they are? Don’t worry, Stuart Knight does, and he’ll inspire your team to make them. Warning: This will lead you to greater success.

(Also offered as a workshop)

Engaging, thought provoking and hilarious!